Linnunmaa prepares Cosmetic Product Safety Reports (CPSR) and its parts. The range of services in cosmetics also include registering products to the CPNP-database. Linnunmaa’s experts can help with all cosmetic safety requirements.

Every substance in the product must be evaluated individually for user safety and presented in the CPSR. Besides the composition, the safety report also acknowledges other significant factors, such as defining which skin areas are subjected to the product, what are the reasonably expectable uses for the product and how often can the product be expected to be used.

The cosmetic product safety report has two parts:

  • Safety data regarding the product
  • Safety evaluation of the product

Who can make a CPSR?

The Cosmetics Regulation states that a CPSR can only be drawn-up by a person with a suitable competence. The person must therefore hold a degree in a suitable discipline such as toxicology, medicine and pharmaceutical field.

Important to know about CPSR

When dealing with CPSR, it is imperative to note that cosmetics have a lot of banned substances. In addition, many substances, such as allergens in perfumes, have set concentration limits according to the product type. Also the colour and preservative substances and UV-filters listed in the annexes of the EU’s Cosmetics Regulation can have substance and product type limitations.

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