Safety data sheet (SDS) is a chemical safety document which holds crucial information about a substance’s attributes and hazards. Safety Data Sheets that present exposure scenarios are called Extended Safety Data Sheets (eSDS).

Linnunmaa draws-up, updates and translates safety data sheets for its customers. New safety data sheets can be based either on the old SDS or the customer’s own recipe. Linnunmaa also carries out chemical substance notifications to the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes).

Linnunmaa reviews and updates the safety data sheets according to the EU’s CLP & REACH regulations and national legislation. Strong expertise in both chemical safety and law ensure high quality results.

Linnunmaa offers its customers the following services:

  • Preparation of Safety Data Sheets according to the customer’s product recipe
  • Translation of Safety Data Sheets for all EU languages and Russian
  • Checking and editing of any chemical related releases in Finnish
  • Sending chemical declarations to TUKES chemical product register
  • Preparation and checking of the CLP classification and labelling
  • Preparation of exemplary product labels
  • Translation and development of exposure scenarios

Linnunmaa also offers customarily tailored safety data sheet trainings where the customer’s personnel can get familiar with safety data sheets, learn how to interpret them and where to find the most relevant information for their work. Tailored trainings allows the instructor to focus more on the issues that the customer wishes to be addressed.

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