Environmental risk assessment maps out the sources of accidental pollutions, estimates the likelihood of accidental emissions and discharges, and evaluates the possible harm caused to the environment. Typical accidental pollution sources are chemical and oil tanks. The cause of accidental release of pollutants might be a human error, careless handling of raw materials or waste or a technical issue.

The possible damage is estimated according to the amount of released pollutants and the sensitivity of the surroundings. The estimation is carried out by using suitable scenarios. Preventive measures are then designed based on the estimation. These are modelled according to the identified sources and risks to avoid and limit accidents.

Linnunmaa offers expert services on environmental risk assessments with years of experience in working on different assessments for multiple different industries.

Precautionary management plan

Depending on the size of the company, they might have an obligation to have a precautionary management plan which is based on the environmental risk assessment. The aim of the management plan is to prevent and control accidents and to limit harmful consequences for human health and environment.

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