Producing fertilizers and placing fertilizer products on market require organising self-supervision. In addition, the producers of organic fertilizers need to have an approval of establishment. Merely fertilizer products belonging to a certain fertilizer type designation can be placed on market. Linnunmaa helps with drafting documents and all issues related to fertilizer production and marketing concerning e.g. product approvals, organising self-supervision and applying for an approval of establishment.

Notification on commencing fertilizer production

Before starting the operations, a fertilizer production plant is required to notify the Finnish Food Safety Authority (Evira) on commencing the fertilizer production. A description on arranging the operations, product information and a self-supervision plan are required to be attached to the notification.

Application for an approval of establishment

Producing organic fertilizers require an approval of establishment from the Finnish Food Safety Authority (Evira) before commencing the production. The approval of establishment is applied with a written application indicating the safety of the product or its raw material. A self-supervision plan is attached to the application.

In addition to the above-mentioned documents, Linnunmaa can help with other issues related to establishing fertilizer production operations, such as compiling environmental permit applications.

Self-supervision plans

To secure the quality of products, the operators are required to be aware of and control the critical phases of production and processing. According to the Finnish Fertilizer Product Act, the supervision of production is realized based on the written self-supervision plan which is required to be submitted to the Finnish Food Safety Authority.

Linnunmaa helps with recognizing the relevant phases of the production process and designing the self-monitoring. Linnunmaa’s services include compiling the self-supervision plans according to the legislation on fertilizer production and marketing.

Application on the fertilizer type designation

A fertilizer product needs to fulfill the requirements of an approved fertilizer type designation. Fertilizer type designations aim at describing the features such as composition, uses and production methods.

Fertilizer producers can apply for changes in existing fertilizer type designations or adding a type designation into the national type designation list. Linnunmaa helps with clarifying the applicable type designation and compiling the applications.

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