Land extraction for other purposes than ordinary household needs requires a permit by virtue of Land Extraction Act. Linnunmaa compiles the permit applications for land extraction and the required reports and statements.

Granting the permit requires for example an extraction plan. In some cases, land extraction requires also an environmental permit, a water permit and a permit for landscape work. Land extraction has impacts on the scenery and natural conditions. In addition, especially in the areas of gravel extraction the possible impacts on the groundwater need to be taken into account in the operations.

In Finland, a Government Decree regulates the recovery of certain wastes in earth construction. In case the waste and the recovery site are included in the scope of the decree’s application, the recovery requires a prior notification as regulated in the decree. However, if the operations are not included in the scope of application, the recovery requires an environmental permit. Linnunmaa’s specialists help with needs assessment and compiling the permit applications and notifications.

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