An environmental permit is required if operations cause or pose a threat of adverse effects on the environment. The permit application is addressed either to the municipal or state authority.

Linnunmaa helps in all issues in respect of applying an environmental permit. Linnunmaa has a great deal of experience in compiling applications also in the most challenging cases of different industries.

Following through the application proceedings

The application proceedings of environmental permits require entering into the legislative requirements, company’s operations and the environmental impacts of the operations. A thorough, high-quality permit application fulfills the prerequisites of granting a permit. The extent of an application depends on the nature of the operations and its environmental impacts.

Linnunmaa can take the main responsibility of following through the application process and communicating with the authorities. In addition, compiling the legal documents such as pleas and appeals are included in Linnunmaa’s services.

The documents to be attached to a permit application

An environmental permit application needs attachments such as different kind of reports and plans. For instance, Best Available Technique (BAT) assessments, soil and groundwater baseline studies and environment observation plans are typical attachment documents. Linnunmaa has over a decade of experience in compiling different kind of documents to be attached to permit applications.

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