In an evolving environment, clarifying and complying with the legislative obligations is essential to assess the operational risks and manage them. Linnunmaa’s legal team specializes in ensuring that the operations of its clients are always on top of their environmental responsibilities and obligations. Linnunmaa’s environmental law specialists have specialized in both national and European Union’s Environmental legislation.

Linnunmaa’s legal services regarding environmental issues result in efficient operations. Linnunmaa can clarify the requirements and the application of the relevant regulation and conditions regarding your operations and projects, inter alia, launching a new product. In addition, Linnunmaa realizes law reviews to survey how the regulations concerning the operations have changed and how it should be taken into account.

The innovation vouchers of Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation can be used to purchase new knowledge and skills for developing your business. Linnunmaa is a service provider of the innovation vouchers of Tekes.

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