Identifying product safety risks

In case of planning a new process or changes in current processes, a risk assessment needs to be compiled or updated. Risks can be both microbiological, chemical or physical.

Linnunmaa can help to recognize risks, assess the risk significance and implement risk management.


Identifying and managing allergens

According to the Food Act (23/2006), operators are required to be aware of the critical aspects of food safety in their operation. This includes risks related to allergens. Allergen control and management procedure is to be described in the in-house control program.

Linnunmaa helps with identifying allergens and issues having to do with managing the possible risks.


Services regarding sanitation

Food processing and premises sanitizing plans are crucial for maintaining good food hygiene and preventing contamination. Sanitizing program must be updated if new processes are planned. Linnunmaa helps with issues having to do with sanitation of food premises and food production plants.


Contact materials

Contact materials refer to all kinds of material intended for direct contact with food. For example, food packaging, disposable containers and gloves and devices used in food industry are contact materials.

Contact materials need to meet the requirements of the EU regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. There are some product special requirements for example for plastic, ceramics and cellophane.

Linnunmaa helps operators by reporting food safety requirements set for contact materials and assessing the compliance of different products and equipment.


Auditing suppliers and sub-contractors

Traceability, transparency, and responsibility are important in every step of the supply chain. By auditing the key suppliers and sub-contractors, compliance with the requirements can be verified. From the point of view of responsibility, product safety, environmental management and occupational safety are essential cornerstones of all operations. Linnunmaa helps along the auditing process.

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