The exposure scenarios (ES) briefly present the essential information on the Chemical Safety Assessment compiled for a REACH registration. The exposure scenarios describe the recommendations of the registrant on managing the exposure of employees, consumers and the environment. This strives to ensuring the safe use of the substance.

An exposure scenario is required to be made if the production or import of the substance in question exceeds 10 t/a and it is classified hazardous or a PBT or vPvB substance. Generally, the compiler of the exposure scenario is the registrant (the producer or importer of the substance) or a downstream user (DU). In addition, a producer of a mixture can compile an exposure scenario for the mixture. In case the exposure scenario is attached to a Safety Data Sheet (SDS), it shall be provided either in Finnish or Swedish.

An exposure scenario compiled in the purpose of communications usually includes four sections:

  1. Title
  2. Conditions of use affecting exposure
  3. Exposure estimation and reference to its source
  4. Guidance to the downstream user to evaluate and check the compliance with the exposure scenarios

The experts of Linnunmaa translate and compile exposure scenarios.  In addition, Linnunmaa arranges tailored trainings on Safety Data Sheets and/or exposure scenarios. The trainings emphasize interpreting the information provided by exposure scenarios and Safety Data Sheets and finding the most essential safety instructions for employees. The trainings can focus on the documents used by the client.

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