An environmental impact assessment (EIA) procedure aims at producing information for designing the project and to support the authoritative decision-making process. EIA procedures also increase the information available to citizens and promotes their opportunities to participate. Following through an EIA procedure usually takes from 10 to 18 months.

EIA is a two-step procedure and two documents are compiled along the proceedings: an assessment programme and an assessment report. For example, plans, research data, habitats reports and empiric data may be used to assess the impacts.

Following through an EIA procedure

Linnunmaa acts as EIA consultant and follows through the practical realisation, such as the assessments, compiling the documents and organizing public meetings.

EIA is a public process due to which public meetings and resident surveys are common in the process. EIA process does not include decision-making, such as granting an environmental permit. An environmental permit can be applied after the EIA procedure.

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