In an Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) the environmental risks, liabilities and obligations concerning transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, are recognized and assessed. In addition, an EDD instructs in managing them efficiently.

Environmental liabilities can result in notable costs, due to which the importance of EDD in transactions has grown. For instance, soil or water contamination or a breach of permit regulations can easily remain unidentified, and thus lead into unpredictable costs or even criminal sanction. Through an EDD the risks related to the environment and the obligations can be recognized and managed. In addition, the information on the environment can be turned into commercial advantage.

What does an EDD include?

The contents of an EDD is defined case by case in accordance with the nature of the transaction and the risks of the operation. In an EDD e.g. environmental pollution and the distribution of liabilities are taken into account. In addition, the EDD specialists of Linnunmaa give strategic advice on managing the risks and liabilities. If needed, recognizing, assessing and efficient management of risks and responsibilities related to safety, health and social impacts can be taken into account.

EDD – Linnunmaa as a partner

An EDD produces high-quality information to support the decision-making. Linnunmaa’s strength lies in strong understanding of business and the ability to offer specific expertise of required fields for each assignment. Linnunmaa has a decade of experience in realising Environmental Due Diligences for several industries, on several continents.

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