An energy audit clarifies the company’s energy consumption, identifies potential areas for energy savings and maps out different options to improve energy efficiency. A company can be released from the statutory audit obligation under certain conditions, such as by adopting the energy efficiency system ISO 50001. Companies can also fulfill their obligation by joining an energy efficiency agreement (term 2017-2025) and at the same time adopting energy efficiency system ETJ+.

Linnunmaa offers a wide range of different energy expert services. Linnunmaa’s services in energy audits include:

  • Mapping of the company’s obligations
  • Auditing from start to finish
  • A licenced person who can be in charge of the company’s energy audits
  • Handling the company’s reporting obligations regarding the energy audits
  • Assistance in establishing management systems
    • ISO 50001, ISO 14001, ETJ+
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