Legal services

Legal obligations, environmental responsibility & management The constantly changing and developing environmental legislation requires a variety of industries, such as industrial companies, to keep updating their knowledge and to search for optimal ways to reach compliance. General environmental awareness has increased and environmental responsibility is seen as an essential part of any human activity. This […]

REACH registration

REACH registration is one the most significant requirements brought on by the REACH regulation. However, before registering their substances, companies should map out all their options. Linnunmaa offers both registration and REACH expert services.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

In the EIA procedure, the impacts of a significant project on the environment are surveyed before the realisation of the project. In 2015 Linnunmaa received the Finnish annual EIA award for exemplary EIA.

Permits, registrations and notifications

Permit, registration and notification procedures clarify and enable operations ensuring the fulfillment of the set requirements.

Reports for an environmental permit application

Linnunmaa has extensive experience in compiling reports and attachments for environmental permits.

Environmental Management services

The environmental management and environmental reporting of a company can easily be outsourced partly or in its entirety to Linnunmaa.

Food safety

Food regulation concerns all food industry companies and their stakeholders – Linnunmaa supports organizations to meet the requirements.

Managing systems

When developing, or updating a managing system is at hand, Linnunmaa offers comprehensive expertise that covers environmental, quality, safety, energy and food safety management systems, and preparing for external audits.

Energy audits

In Finland, large enterprises have an energy audit obligation under the energy efficiency legislation, which dictates that energy audits need to be carried out at least every four years.
Linnunmaa’s experts help companies to fulfill their obligations while still taking into account each company’s needs and goals.

Environmental Due Diligence – EDD

An Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) produces high-quality information to support the decision-making. Linnunmaa has a decade of experience in realising EDD for several industries.

Safety data sheets – SDS

Safety data sheets are important chemical safety documents. Linnunmaa draws-up, updates and translates safety data sheets. Experts also train customers in the subject.

Exposure scenarios

An exposure scenario includes recommendations on ensuring the safe use of a substance and managing the exposure of employees, consumers and the environment.


With an ecolabel a company can communicate to the consumers about the environmental positivity of their products. Linnunmaa helps with obtaining ecolabels and figures out which ecolabel would be the most suitable for each product.

Risk assessment

Risk assessment is an important tool in ensuring safety. A proper assessment acknowledges all of the assessed unit’s details and important specifics. When choosing a right risk assessment, the object’s functions and risks must be taken into account.

Safety obligations and statements

Companies and individuals working with chemicals and cosmetics can have several safety obligations. These obligations depend on the size and nature of the activity. It is best to make to be certain about the obligations as even minor chemical usage or storing can include obligations. For instance, all cosmetic product production requires a Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR)

Training services

Legislation and practices are constantly developing. Staying on top of the various obligations requires expert knowledge in the field. Linnunmaa offers training services in chemical safety, environmental and environmental law issues. Companies have easier time finding out and understanding their obligations with a help from an expert.