Mining, organizing the use of areas it requires, and exploration in Finland is regulated by the Mining Act (621/2011). Mining can impact e.g. the soil, water bodies, air quality and the biodiversity. However, adequate expertise in terms of the nature and extent of the activities in question, can prevent and reduce the possible negative impacts. In addition, mining safety, taking into account the technical circumstances, is essential in mining.

Land extraction

Land extraction for other than ordinary household purposes requires a permit by virtue of the Land Extraction Act (555/1981). Granting the permit requires for example an extraction plan. In some cases, land extraction requires also an environmental permit, a water permit and a permit for landscape work. Land extraction is prohibited in conservation areas and in certain cases an environmental impact assessment needs to be carried out. Land extraction has impacts on the scenery and natural conditions. In addition, especially in the areas of gravel extraction the possible impacts on the groundwater need to be taken into account in the operations.

Nature conservation

The aim of nature conservation is to preserve species, natural habitats, biodiversity and scenery and to promote sustainable use of natural resources and the natural environment. The targets of nature conservation controls human activities in many cases. For instance, reconciling human activities and the Natura 2000 network that has been created to secure biodiversity, is regulated under the Nature Conservation Act (1096/1996).

Linnunmaa has legal, scientific and technical experience in issues concerning mining, land extraction and nature conservation.

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