Water management, supply and conservation

The objective of water management and supply is to secure the availability of high quality drinking water, adequate sewage and effluent treatment. The impacts of the use of water resources have to be taken into account in both use of raw water source and waste water treatment.

Different levels of national and EU legislation regulate water conservation. For instance, restrictions for the discharge of large industrial plants has been set in the Best Available Technique (BAT) Conclusions in virtue of the EU’s industrial emissions directive (IED). In addition, the discharge of some substances that are dangerous and harmful to the aquatic environment has been prohibited and emission limit values and environmental quality standards for the receiving water bodies have been laid down. The Water Act regulates the use of water resources and construction in waters, promoting the prevention and reduction of negative side effects.

Hydrological impacts in the groundwater and surface water

Taking into account the hydrological impacts of projects in Finland is often focal due to the thousands of lakes, rivers and small water bodies. Achieving and maintaining a good environmental status of inland waters and marine ecosystems require management of nutrient loading and circulation. In addition, e.g. contaminated soils, storage and handling of petroleum products and industrial estates elevate the risk in regard to deterioration of the status of groundwater. Groundwater area is classified as risk area if concentration of hazardous substances is detected and the status can deteriorate without conservation. The assessment of hydrological impacts is often essential as regards for instance meeting the prerequisites of granting an environmental permit or permits under water legislation.

Linnunmaa’s expertise cover all the issues related to water bodies and use of water resources. Linnunmaa has experience in interpreting and applying water legislation, technical realization of water use and effluent treatment as well as hydrological impact assessment and compiling water permit applications.

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