Especially the BAT Conclusions on large industrial plants have set requirements also for old plants regarding the management of emissions and emission levels. The environmental permits of industrial sector will gradually be amended to comply with the standards set in the BAT Conclusions.

BAT Conclusions aim at unifying the standards concerning the environmental load in the area of the EU. The target is to compile BAT Conclusions applicable as extensively as possible in the particular field of industry. BAT Conclusions for forest industry were published in 2014, for common waste water and waste gas treatment of chemical industry in 2016 and for large combustion plants in 2017.

In case achieving the BAT emission level would require substantial investment compared to the environmental benefit it would enable to be reached, it is possible to apply for a deviation.

In addition to technical expertise, applying BAT conclusions usually requires notable knowledge on the industry in question and recognizing the regional and technical special features. Linnunmaa combines the technical, scientific and legal expertise that has helped several clients to find the best possible solution for applying the BAT Conclusions.

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