In industry there are several types of health and work safety related hazards. These risks need to be identified and minimized to assure workers’ health and environmental conditions. Especially exposure to hazardous chemicals must be limited to a level that causes no damage.

Risk management begins by identifying the hazards and evaluating the risks. As for chemical safety, the main risks are usually influenced by the hazards and uses of the substances and mixtures. Any business or organisations using chemicals have to recognize its risks and take preventive actions.

Risk management is not a one-off measure but rather a continuous effort. Safety measures need to be maintained and updated constantly in accordance with the current legislation. Regulatory issues and preventive measures, such as training and safety data sheets, should be checked regularly. Also by clearly informing personnel of their responsibilities in regard to safety issues allows for a much better understanding of how individuals can improve safety.

Risks can be managed by informing and training personnel. There can also be other safety measures which correspond the identified hazards. Sufficient informing, training and knowledge are the basis of safety.

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