Legislative obligations, Environmental responsibility and Environmental Management

Constantly changing and developing environmental legislation requires different actors, e.g. industrial companies, to keep up with the changing field of obligations and frequently to use substantial measures to comply with the regulated obligations.

General environmental awareness has grown and environmental responsibility is seen as an increasingly vital part of all human activities. This encourages companies to introduce voluntary environmental management measures to take environmental issues into account.

Linnunmaa – a unique combination of environmental specialists

Linnunmaa has specialized in helping its clients with different kinds of environmental issues, even the most challenging ones. Due to multidisciplinary specialists Linnunmaa sees environmental issues as entities and offers solutions addressing several viewpoints.

By combining the problem-solving skills of experienced specialists from the fields of Environmental Law, Natural Sciences and Engineering, Linnunmaa exceeds the notion of a traditional consultant. For each assignment, we choose the people best suited for the work, ensuring an effective outcome.

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