Linnunmaa’s strength in the energy sector lies in combining technical and legal expertise. For instance, Energy Efficiency legislation, energy audit obligations and managing systems promoting energy efficiency are part of Linnunmaa’s areas of expertise. Moreover, Linnunmaa has experience in the energy subsidy policies and interpreting the regulation on waste incineration and co-incineration.

In addition, Linnunmaa’s services related to the field of Energy covers issues concerning energy production. Due to the environmental impacts of energy production, plenty of obligations concern energy production units. At present, the Government Decree on the Environmental Protection Requirements of Energy Production Units with a Rated Input below 50 megawatts (750/2013) is a topical regulation. For large combustion plants, the EU’s BAT Conclusions were published in august 2017. The BAT Conclusions will affect especially the air emission limits of large combustion plants. Linnunmaa offers expert help in interpreting the legislation on energy production and complying with it.


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