A cosmetic product or cosmetics is a substance or a mixture, which is meant to be in contact with a body’s external parts and which primal function is cosmetic such as cleaning, altering appearances or protection. The EU’s Cosmetics Regulation (EY) N:o 1223/2009 is not limited to only colour cosmetics and it also covers, inter alia, skin creams, soaps and skin cleansers. Washing powders, surface cleaners, tattooing and other permanent colour substances are not categorized as cosmetics.

Manufacturer’s or importer’s obligations

Prior to entering the EU market each cosmetic product must undergo a Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR). The guidelines and minimum content for the CPSR are defined in the Cosmetics Regulation. The responsibility of the cosmetic products’ safety and their CPSR rests on the manufacturer or EU-importer.

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