Laila Huovinen-Manu

SDS Product Manager, Chemical Safety Specialist
M.Sc. (Biology)
+358 400 380 003

Laila Huovinen-Manu works as Linnunmaa’s Safety Data Sheet Product Manager. Laila joined the company in 2012 and has gained several years of experience in assignments related to the REACH and CLP regulations, such as compiling Safety Data Sheets, drafting product labels and hazard classifications. In addition, Laila conducts trainings on hazard classifications, compiling Safety Data Sheets and product labels and as well carries out environmental surveys and habitats reports. She has specialised in ecology and furthermore in ecotoxicology and hydrobiology. Earlier she has worked e.g. planning restoration of mires, carrying out natural habitat inventories and as an entrepreneur and foreman in the field of floristry and gardening business.